On September 12, 1984, the son of a fisherman , a visionary entrepreneur Rogério Rosa founded EMBRAED Empreendimentos, Empresa Brasileira de Edificaciones, in Balneário Camboriú, state of Santa Catarina.

At the time of its foundation, even when everything seemed to divert him from his projects and, after many challenges crossed during his trajectory from his childhood, the businessman remained focused and did not give up his dreams: "to build high quality housing , comfortable and provide well-being and leisure to people and their families". More than this, he believed that the city of Balneário Camboriú would become one of the counties with the highest real estate valuation and quality of life in the country, evidenced today by indexes and surveys. In a period of great economic recession, EMBRAED was born and deployed what appeared to be impossible at the time: high standard in all construction processes.

Today, the civil construction company is considered one of the largest and best in the country, as it is stated in the ITC ranking and is a national and international reference for its exclusive standard of excellence. Since 2013, it has been presided over by the daughter of the founder, the administrator Tatiana Rosa Cequinel, who has been surprising every year her clients with news in style, decoration and construction and management models, following the most modern trends in the world market.

Throughout our history, we value ethics, exclusivity, art, personalized and perfect work. The future is therefore in innovation, quality, solidity and commitment to customers, employees, the community and the economy of the regions we operate

Tatiana Rosa Cequinel, President of EMBRAED.